Conserving Green Roads in England & Wales

Enabling trail riders to discover and enjoy green roads in a responsible and sustainable way

Green Road Map - A Public Access Project

A living breathing map of Green Roads in England and Wales for the public to explore, enjoy and contribute to.

There are an estimated 350,000 miles of highway in England and Wales. Roughly 40% is path or Restricted Byway and off-limits to motor traffic, and the rest of the highways are nearly all made up with tarmac - black roads.

Between the black roads and paths are around 6000 miles of Green Roads that are available for the public to enjoy by responsible and reasonable means of travel, including motorcycling. 

If you know of a Green Road that you believe should appear on the map, then please see the Modify the Map section below.

The objectives of the Green Road Map are to:

  • Provide a resource to find Green Roads that can be lawfully and sustainably used by responsible trail riders.
  • Facilitate the gathering and archiving of evidence to promote the public interest by protecting the publics’ entitlement to enjoy Green Roads.
  • Maintain and reinforce the reputation and status of Green Roads as public roads to travel on by any reasonable, lawful, and sustainable means, including motorcycling.
  • Reduce the likelihood of unlawful or unsustainable use by actively excluding Green Roads that with significant uncertainty over status and/or that cannot be sustainably used by responsible trail riders.

Trail Riding - Part of our Cultural Heritage

The motor vehicle was invented in 1769 and first driven on a British road in 1801. The earliest form of bicycle, without pedals and propelled by foot was invented in 1817. The marriage of motor vehicle and bicycle was celebrated in 1864 when the Michaux brothers invented the motorcycle. Motorcycles were commercially available in Britain by 1896.

Hubert Egerton completed Lands End to John O’Groats by motorcycle in 1901, before tarmac had been invented, let alone used to cover most roads.

Trail Riding is the modern name given to what all motorcyclists did pre WW1 for utility and leisure, that is riding on unsealed roads for either everyday transport or for leisure and adventure.

Some 158 years after the motorcycle was invented, and over a century after it was established, trail riding thrives in its British birthplace and is deeply ingrained into British culture as a traditional form of active recreation.

Today the UK motorcycle industry makes a significant contribution to the UK economy with a turnover more than £5bn and around £1bn paid in taxes. In total, the industry supports £2.8bn of added value and 81,500 jobs, directly within the industry and indirectly through purchases from other UK industries.

The UK motorcycle industry also generates significant tourism expenditures of around £570m, which helps to support more than 13,000 tourism jobs.

The Trail Riders Fellowship

Helping motorcyclists responsibly and sustainably access and enjoy the countryside since 1970.

Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities

Working with communities to address local issues and needs

Working with local government

Working with local government

Helping parish, borough, district and county councils maintain access to the Green Road network for all.

Educating trail riders

Educating trail riders

On where it is legal to ride a motorcycle and respectfully share the trail with others.

Helping to combat illegal riding

Helping to combat illegal riding

Informing and educating trail riders on where and how to ride safely and sustainably 

Improving rider skills

Improving rider skills

On and off motorcycle training to promote safe, resposible and sustainable riding.

Working with emergency services

Working with emergency services

Supporting the Police and other emergency services across in a range of areas.

Frequently asked questions

Helping users of the Green Road Map.

How is the TRF Green Road Map resource different to other maps?
The Green Road Map focuses on unsealed roads where it is legal to ride motorcycles. Restrictions may apply in some instances.
I am not a TRF Member can I still access the map?
Guests will be welcome to register to use the Green Road Map, however the information available is far less as a Guest than a TRF member. Guests are encouraged to join the TRF, knowing that it is the only organisation covering England and Wales that is consistently and successfully conserving Green Roads for trail riders and others to enjoy.

Modify the Map

If you have evidence that a Green Road has been recorded incorrectly on the map or even missed altogether, then please click the button below and complete the requested details.

If you would like to contact the TRF to discuss anything else please email

Join the TRF

Becoming a member of the TRF means you will join a community of over 9000 riders in 40+ local groups who share a passion for responsible and sustainable trail riding.

  • Lobbying central and local government on behalf of trail riders
  • Legally defending Green Road closures
  • Green Road maintenance
  • Rider skills training
  • Exclusive riding events each year
  • ACU affiliated
  • Thousands of member-led local trail rides each year
  • Informal local meetings for knowledge sharing
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